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Looking for the perfect unique and/or rare diecast to add to your growing collection? Check out the unique and rare diecast category for low numbered, door numbered and other hard to find diecast. Or maybe you’re looking to begin a collection of diecast model cars? PlanBSales.com carries a large selection of historical diecast collectibles for any type of diecast collector, novice or seasoned. From Indy diecast cars to NASCAR collectible diecasts, Plan B Sales has the diecast racing replica any collector will love. From a historical diecast of Buddy Baker's Ford to a brand new diecast of Dario Franchitti’s Target Indy car, PlanBSales.com is the best source for high quality diecast model cars.

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With hundreds of rare and unique NASCAR diecast collectibles to choose from, finding that hard to find gem has never been easier. With autographed diecasts, alternate paint diecasts and other hard to find NASCAR memorabilia, these are the items that collectors have been clamoring for and they are now available to you!

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