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Just released! MotorSportsAuctions.com!
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We have developed this Auction site for the Diecast Collector and Diecast Dealer

***FREE to Buy, FREE to Sell, FREE to List***

Fees only apply to listing upgrades.

· Home Page Featured - $1.00

· Highlight - $1.00

· Subtitle - $1.00

· Bold - $0.50

· Sale Badge - $0.50

We’ve had an outstanding positive response to our soft launch on Friday 3/23. Over 100 unique registered users within 10 minutes and 250 users in 24 hours.

Plan B Sales will list many unique and rare items to include Prototypes, Low Din Numbered Cars and Auctions starting at $1.00 to gain traction over the next few months.

MotorsportsAuctions.com has a feature called Sniper Protection. It will allow buyers in the last seconds of an auction to place their bid and the site extends the auction by 30 seconds, thus preventing your winning bid to be snatched from under you, as long as you are watching your auction at the time of it ending.

Plan B Sales is offering anyone wanting to list their items in a bulk an upload service to get you up and running within hours. Please call for this service and we will assist in setting up the listing format required.

This is the ground floor and we will be marketing MotorSportsAuctions.com through Social Media, Email, and through links on the PlanBSales.com website. Don’t hesitate, get over and check out MotorSportsAuctions.com.